It's all about Jesus... 2 leaders + 6 high school girls. Dying to ourselves. Serving others in the Dominican Republic. Transformation.

God rocked my world and brought me to Himself at Young Life's Windy Gap in November of 1998.

I have the phenomenal privilege of now getting to walk along side of high school kids at Mount Tabor High school in the same way that my Young Life leaders did back in 1998.

I long to see girls at Mount Tabor walk from death to life as they put their faith in Christ and begin to follow Him. I have this hope for everyone but specifically for high school students--In Winston-Salem and all over the world.

This specific fundraiser is an invitation to you. Would you join me in walking with six of my friends from Mount Tabor while I bring them to the Dominican Republic? We are taking them on their first mission trip to another country where they will have the privilege to walk out this new faith...this new LIFE with Christ.

We will be working on a Young Life camp in the Dominican called Pico Escondido. It's just like Windy Gap where I first understood the Gospel. It's just like Sharptop Cove where many of these girls first understood the Gospel. Except it's in another country.

Would you join us in helping these girls learn how to give their lives away for the sake of their peers in another country so that they might have the opportunity to know the same Savior that they once met?

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