A 1,200 acre Nature Preserve and 10,000 square foot building, Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter offers environmental education to all ages.

Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter is a local nonprofit of dedicated staff and volunteers that strive to protect land, wildlife, teach children good stewardship of the planet and inspire a deep respect for nature.

We ask you to donate to Swaner today to support environmental education of all ages.

Swaner EcoCenter staff teach science at a local elementary school in an after school program every Monday. This fall, the children learned about science fairs. After helping the 50 kids to create their science projects our staff saw the following success in the local science fairs:

2 4th graders won 4th place

2 4th graders won 3rd place

2 5th graders are going onto the district fair

Without the support and direction of our staff, these children might not have entered the fair, we are so proud of them! We ask you to donate today to help keep this and many other science programs in place.

Thank you, for your support!

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