Support Team JCFS at the 2012 Bank of America Chicago Marathon!

What inspired you to run/walk the Bank of America Chicago Marathon with Team JCFS?

Like so many things in my life – it crept up on me and took hold. Running/sprint triathlons started out as a social activity with health benefits (–or perhaps a health activity with social benefits?) I find that as I pass each target with ease, the subsequent target gets bigger; 5Ks turn into 10Ks turn into 15Ks, …you get the picture.

What program are you running/walking for?

I am running, walking and moving forward for the Family Commons.

How does JCFS Redefine What’s Possible? or Describe one moment when you knew that your work with JCFS made a difference in someone’s life?

I identify with the Family Commons program because includes the individual with the family and community in new activities and opportunities to explore.

What will you be thinking about at mile 20?

I have no idea. Much of the marathon writing describes mile 20 as a significant hurdle. I may have to distract myself with other runner’s demons to squelch my own and stay mindful of the strong people I depend upon to get me through the tough times.

What food will you hunt down after the race to replenish those 2600 calories?

Most likely it will involve dark chocolate in many forms.

What do you love about running/walking?

It cleanses, fortifies, prepares, alters, provides, and challenges. All good stuff.

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