Survivors’ Truths is social service meeting social media for social change!

Survivors' Truths works directly to support groups affected by violence or discrimination, using media tools to bring out stories of what people bring to the problems they face.

The media created through these projects can then inspire others others affected by similar situations and inform those who might want to be supportive.

We are also, through our work and by engaging with other people organizations, are advocating for respect in humanitarian work - challenging the way we talk about the people we set out to help and showing that we can tell stories ways that are both compelling and respectful.

Currently, we have two projects:

Peacebuilding in Liberia, West Africa--working with Liberian organization to use the original photodocumentary project for healing and reconciliation.

TransYouth Speak--working with Children's Hospital, Los Angeles to support transgender youth.

Liberian war survivors and transgender youth in Hollywood--what's the connection?

Both are groups affected by violence and discrimination and have primarily negative stories being told about them...

...and both can go far with just a little support.

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