Help to save the whales you love by supporting research that is essential to their preservation.

The Center for Coastal Studies has led research on humpback whales since the 1970s to advance understanding of their biology, population status and threats.

The cornerstone of our research is the Gulf of Maine humpback whale population, which we have studied continuously for more than three decades. Each year, we conduct research across the feeding range of this population in both U.S. and Canadian waters. Our Gulf of Maine Humpback Whale Catalog carefully details individual life histories, behavior, spatial distribution, human impacts and the results of cutting-edge research techniques. Our research has carried us to the West Indies, where humpback whales from all North Atlantic feeding grounds mate and calve. We also study other oceanic populations, such as those that breed in the South Pacific. We have published 70 scientific papers and produced over 60 technical reports to federal and international managers.

Long-term studies of individual humpback whales provide an important window into this amazing species. Whales like Salt (above) are not only well-loved by whale watchers but also key to our understanding of humpback whale biology, ecology and threats. Thanks to more than three decades of research by CCS and our collaborators, the Gulf of Maine humpback whale population is the most well-studied in the world. The results of our research here have been applied to studies of humpback whales world-wide, and new techniques for studying large whales are routinely developed and ground-truthed with our extensive data sets. The knowledge that we share with managers helps to guide protection measures for this endangered species.

Please consider a donation in support of this important, long-term research program. Help to save the whales you love by supporting the science that is essential to their preservation. There is still so much to learn and so many ways in which they need your help!

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