Monies raised will allow America SCORES Atlanta to grow its free after-school programming in economically disadvantaged parts of the city.

Devonte's home life was less than ideal...sometimes bills were paid and the lights stayed on, sometimes the apartment he shared with his family was dark. Devonte's dad was not in the picture, and, understandably, Devonte was often angry and wanting to be left alone.

Then, Devonte signed up for America SCORES Atlanta's free after-school program. At our weekly soccer clinics, he learned how to play a new sport and the value of teamwork. Through our poetry workshops, he learned how to express himself in a healthy way; he finally had a way to vent all his anger and frustration. Participating in our service-learning projects, Devonte learned he could make a positive difference in his neighborhood and that he liked how that made him feel.

This year is Devonte's third year as an America SCORES Atlanta participant. He has become a role model for students who are new to the program. Because of his experiences with America SCORES Atlanta, he is a young man who expresses his emotions in healthy ways, who leads and works well with others on the soccer field, and feels empowered to help others in his community.

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