Your generous donation helps not only Mei Xiang, Tian Tian, and their beautiful cub, but giant pandas everywhere. Please make a gift today.

At the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute, we save species.

Your help can ensure that giant pandas thrive, feed, frolic, and reproduce not only at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo but in the wider, wild world. Panda scientists and conservationists aim to increase the current population of pandas in zoos worldwide, to 500.

When this goal is met, the population will have sufficient genetic diversity for long-term survival, and pandas will be available for reintroduction into the wild. Zoo scientists strive to understand and protect the lives of these shy, elusive creatures.

Giant pandas first came to the Zoo in 1972. The Zoo’s current pandas, Mei Xiang (female) and Tian Tian (male) arrived in 2000. They are on loan from the People’s Republic of China. This year Mei Xiang delighted the world by giving birth to a thriving cub on August 23, 2013!

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    At the Smithsonian's National Zoo, we save species.
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