The Sahana Software Foundation is seeking to raise $12,000 to support our response to Super Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

Sahana software has been used in the Philippines for several past disaster responses. In 2005, Sahana software was part of an official Government deployment to track victims, organizations and camps following devastating mudslides in the country. In reference to the use of Sahana in this disaster, the Secretary of National Defense of the Philippines said "No innovation matters more than that which saves lives."

Currently, the Sahana Software Foundation is supporting two deployments of Sahana Eden software in the country by long term partners. The Philippine Department of Social Welfare and Development uses a Sahana Eden based solution for the logistics management of humanitarian supplies. In addition, the Philippines Red Cross is a user of the Sahana Eden based IFRC Resource Management System for volunteer management and coordination.

Today, we are seeking funds to assist the Philippine Department of Health, through a project to extend the use of Sahana Eden to civil society groups responsible for distributing supplies to rural health centers nationally. These funds will be used for server hosting, feature development and support for the system for the next three months.

Support for the Sahana Software Foundation is a highly cost effective way of helping the people of the Philippines. Without systems, the challenges of distributing relief aid over a large geographic area devastated by a natural disaster can be overwhelming. Our systems are designed to work in these environments and to support the work of humanitarian agencies working under difficult and stressful conditions.

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