Challah is hosting its third Leadership Summit in January. We need your help to reach our goal of 100% chapter participation!

With our first two Summits, we received so much positive feedback. People made connections within the Challah network, and followed up on these connections regarding chapter activities (like the post in the Leaders group on Facebook, asking about a flyer that was displayed at the CfH Museum at least year's Summit) and personally (like hooking a friend up with a couch to stay on in Berkeley). People also learned new skills and ways to strengthen their chapters (like passing out gold star stickers to acknowledge volunteers or building a sustainable leadership team).

With your suggestions from previous Summit evaluations, and your support now, we're making our third Summit even bigger and better. The twelve person Summit committee has committed to the goal of 100% chapter participation, with 2-5 people from each chapter. As you know, CfH highly subsidizes participation, but since we're hoping to have so many peopel at this year's Summit, we need your help with that.

Please contribute today, even $10. We will also leverage your donations, the same way that colleges leverage alumni giving, when we reach out to other funders.

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    With your support, we are able to work closely with the chapters of CfH, to ensure their success starting up and beyond.
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