Our church exists to please God by leading people to a lifestyle of true worship through a transformed relationship with Him.

Simply put, we believe that everyone's story is part of a bigger God story. All Christians are called to lost people, and our backstory gives us clues as to whom we will be the most successful reaching. The "lost" that we are specifically called to is summed up well in Matthew 7:22-24 where Jesus is describing an encounter with some folks who think they have served Him well, but they actually never knew Him.

This verse disturbs us so much because these people weren't just church attenders. We would consider them a shoe-in for heaven; yet, they don't make it. We feel called to reach those who think they are "fine" but are missing out on a personal relationship with Jesus. So while the Nashville area has a lot of religion, we want to lead people to discover their story within His.

Story Church launches on 2•10•13 and is currently raising support.

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