Raises funds for non-profit agencies serving Minnesota children and adults living with developmental disabilities and their families.

ProAct, Inc. is a Minnesota-based private 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization with 40 years of experience. The organization provides a comprehensive array of employment and day services including job training, employment, life skill training, and community integration opportunities to individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment and full community inclusion. More than 1,000 individuals are served each year out of locations in Eagan, Red Wing, Zumbrota and Hudson, Wisconsin.

From life skills classes to vocational and employment programs, the organization is experienced in identifying and working with a person’s needs, strengths and aspirations, helping individuals to lead productive lives. Without the support of a rehabilitative provider such as ProAct, these individuals would most likely experience great difficulty earning a steady income and enhancing their self-sufficiency skills.

All donations support employment, life skills training and community integration activities for the individuals we serve. In addition, donations support vehicle matches needed to secure grant vehicles such as wheelchair-lift buses. More than 95% of the individuals we serve are unable to drive and transportation is essential in providing these important services.

What can your gift do?
$50 - Job development supplies such as resume paper and thank you cards
$100 - Supplies for assistive technology devices
$150 - Therapeutic exercise equipment
$200 - Educational games and work skill training kits
$250 - Funds toward the purchase of a replacement 15 passenger van needed to transport participants to and from work
$ 500 - Funds toward a 20% match needed to purchase replacement wheelchair-lift buses

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