Imago Dei's fourth mission team is heading to rural Honduras June 12-19 to work with Mercy International to serve the poor.

Leslie and I are leading another team from our church, Imago Dei, to Honduras to serve the poor. 19 of us!! This is phenomenal in light of the size of our church. Our intent is twofold: we aim to build 2 houses for destitute families and we will focus on working with the chidren. Leslie and i have been going there yearly since 2000 and this is the fourth Imago Dei team,We have been going to this area enough times that we have cultivated an ongoing relationship with the residents of this little community and I believe they have the sense that their brothers and sisters in the U.S. truly care about them. We are meeting an essential need for survival--shelter. One week of our labor can make a difference that lasts for generations. We thank you for your prayers and your support, (Note: Any mission contributions made above and beyond the financial need of individual team members will be used for current or future foreign missions of Imago Dei Church.)

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