Hiii!! I'm Anika...

I am a fitness professional, yoga teacher, standup paddleboard athlete, lover of nature and the water.

Standup paddle boarding or 'SUP' is a form of surfing, an emerging global sport with a Hawaiian heritage. Being on a SUP board gives you the feeling of walking on water, and to do this, you must have good balance, coordination, and enlist every single muscle in your body to propel you through the water.

On the first Friday of August (Aug 3rd) I became the first solo female standup paddleboarder to trek the entire length of Irondequoit bay out to lake Ontario and back nonstop. I completed the 9 mile distance in a record 2hours 45minutes and 48 seconds!

The driving force behind my SUP challenge is to help raise awareness about the importance of water quality and conservation, to build compassion and a caring attitude toward the health of our bay and its wildlife, and to inspire others.

From the first time I stood on a long-board, I was hooked. The feeling of floating on the water was quickly replaced by a feeling of walking on water as soon as I was comfortable enough to paddle. As much as you're getting a workout, in many ways it is the surroundings that capture your attention. You become more in tune with nature. Standing on my board gliding across the water I get to see the whole ecosystem in an entirely new way and at a wonderful pace that allows me take in a lot. Every time I’m out on the bay I get mesmerized by wildlife: big fish jumping right beside me, bald eagle perched on tall tree above, blue heron flying overhead, bank swallows nesting in colonies along the bank, dragonflies, ducks.

I'm paddling with a purpose…. To raise money for the H2O Hero Project and the Water Education Collaborative (WEC), a Rochester based coalition that serves to protect and improve water quality in the lakes and streams of the Genesee regional watershed of Lake Ontario.

Please sponsor me by donating and supporting a worthy cause. Let's keep our waters clean!

Thank you so kindly.

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