Saint Peter Claver Catholic School treasures each student as a child of God and seeks to promote growth in each aspect of their being.

Saint Peter Claver Catholic School's mission is to reach out to and educate the children of Saint Peter Claver Parish and surrounding community. All religions, races and ethnicities are welcome. The school draws particular strength from its rootedness in Africa, which teaches resilient faith, self-determination, perseverance, hospitality, participation, respect and reverence. Committed to a philosophy of excellence, the school provides the opportunity to achieve a high quality academic education and solid spiritual and moral formation.

Saint Peter Claver Catholic School has strong roots in the Summit-University neighborhood of Saint Paul. From the 1950’s until 1989, it was the black community school in the Rondo neighborhood, supported primarily by the Claver Parish. In 1989 the school closed due to declining enrollment and re-opened in 2001, after a major renovation.

Every Kindergarten – 8th grade class has its own room along with dedicated space for the library, computer lab, and visual arts classroom. The hot lunch program, of which over 80% of the students receive at a reduced fee or free of charge, has found its home in the recently refurbished church hall. The 2012-2013 enrollment figures include 135 students.

Parents choose Claver because the values they teach at home are reflected in the curriculum at the school. Students are taught to expect respect. They learn they are deserving of respect and are required to respect others. Students develop the inner controls and self discipline necessary to be successful in our society.

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