Your gift will sponsor a portion of tuition, food, bus transportation, school supplies, classroom technology AND a qualified teacher salary

Navajo children growing up on the reservation in Northeast Arizona never have enough to cover the basic necessities. Many sleep on the desert floor where winter temperatures can drop well below freezing. Food is scarce. Facilitating parental guidance and support to students is an ongoing challenge. As a result, Navajo children often experience loneliness, depression, and hunger. By sponsoring a classroom at the K-6 private Mission School, we can work together to boost self-esteem, give hope, and provide quality education. Donors will receive a sponsorship packet including: A class picture, a thank you letter, curriculum listing, and occasional greetings and gifts from the children.

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    An artistic treasure lays just below the surface in Rock Point, AZ, ready to be uncovered to restore the vitality of this Navajo community.
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