Y Partners gifts provide scholarships to children and families who otherwise could not participate in YMCA programs due to financial need.

Friends, Family, and Sports Enthusiasts -

You have a unique and super easy opportunity to help two non-profits at the exact same time!!!

Everyone has been impacted by the economic downturn and people with intellectual disabilities are not immune to it. Layoffs and "life" happens to everyone regardless of income, IQ, or physical ability.

Special Olympics has been a huge part of my life for the last ten years. It has been an experience of a lifetime for not only me and my children, but all of the athletes, volunteers, and families that directly benefit from the Blazing Stars team and our partnership with the YMCA. We are a year round program that teaches life lessons while giving athletes and families an outlet to grow, learn, and build lasting relationships. We are blessed to be able to call the YMCA our home. There is no other partnership like this in the state of Minnesota!

With your help we can continue our mission side by side with the YMCA to build stong kids, strong families, and strong communities. Please consider a donation of any size....all donations will help a member of our community that is in need.

Thank you!

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