Specialize in Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation.

South Alabama Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation (SAERR) is a family run horse rescue and rehabilitation facility. We depend on donations from caring individuals and companies to support the horses that come in. Any expenses that are not funded by these means come out of pocket.

With the economy as it is, many people have been unable to care for their horses. We take in as many as we can afford to properly care for. If you would like to help save these horses, any assistance that you may be able to give is greatly appreciated. All donated monies will be used for feed, hay, veterinarian services, farrier services, and other equine needs.

Our organization takes pride in making sure each of our rescues is taken care of in a family type environment. We make sure that each horse has the love, care, nutrients and attention that are needed to meet quality standards. We take pride in knowing that when our horses are adopted out, that they will remain in their forever homes.

Their needs may be anything from nice, nourishing meals until it is their time to pass, to a complete mental and physical rehabilitation from a neglected or abused state. It may also be a good horse that just needs a home where they can be cared for.

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