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The buses still bring the kids

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Sky Tavern Ski Area

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Parents helping kids love the mountains

Sky Tavern is a learn to ski program and ski area staffed by passionate volunteers focused on getting kids and adults outdoors and active.

Sky Tavern needs snowmaking!
The Winter of 2015 shorten the kid's time on snow to five weeks.

To do what we do, Sky Tavern will have to open reliably. In this age that will take a snowmaking system. Sky Tavern has counted on the generosity of Mother Nature for enough snow to get kids moving, maybe for too long. It is time to add technology to make certain they get outside.

Please read what follows and donate to this effort. Kids are counting on you!

Kids don't play anymore.

That one line is the decline of America. In record numbers kids are listed as obese. PE is the first thing cut at a school. The video game has replaced building a fort in the back yard.

Sky Tavern gets them outside, learning a sport for life gets them active and moving. Being a part of Sky Tavern also teaches some life lessons in volunteering, responsibility, trust and a whole lot more.

Sky Tavern is a non-profit training facility/ski area located in the Sierras just outside Reno, Nevada. It is anchored by the Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program (STJSP), a learn to ski and snowboard program started in 1948 by a grade school teacher in one station wagon. Hundreds of thousands of kids have been taught skiing and snowboarding by parents and other adults at a ski area just for them. Located on the Mt.Rose Highway, 30 minutes from Reno, each winter the program operates weekends with the parents helping for a few hours as the staff of Sky Tavern. Some parents are
instructors, while other work in support roles such as the cafeteria, lift lines or even the parking lot. Sky Tavern may best be described as a co-op. Parents and other adults giving up time, talent and treasure for the kids.

While for many years Sky Tavern was part of the City of Reno’s Park and Recreation Department, its closure was threatened by budget cuts in the early nineties. A group of parents came forward and formed a non-profit 501(c) 3 corporation to ensure its survival. Twenty years later the City of Reno continues to own the Sky Tavern property and Sky Tavern’s Board of Directors oversees the operation and management of the area because of the long term lease with the City of Reno year round.

Kids are taught skiing and snowboarding under the watchful eyes of our Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) and American Association of Snowboard Instructors (AASI)volunteer Trainers. Lessons range from beginning to advanced levels. Instruction starts at age four for
kids with parents joining or age nine for kids wanting to be a part of our bus program and continues through high school ages. And yes, there are even lessons for Mom and Dad!

But it is more than just skiing, it is about life. Without parents giving time, effort and money there would be no Sky Tavern. Kids learn this and that there are no OPP (other people's problems) up there. If you don't take care of it, it will not get done! Trust and communication between kids and adults is scarce in town these days. On the slopes it is essential. Adults are parents to all the kids and kids have to listen and trust the parents to do the right thing. The first time at the top of the mountain can be a scary thing. Trust is all a kid has on that first run down. A chair lift ride is a long time to be silent. Sometimes the 14 year old snowboarder and the 40 year old accountant learn something from each other on the way to the top. That ride
might just change a life.

Membership fees only cover a portion of operating the area. Please donate to kids and their future.

Coming are summer programs with mountain biking!

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Organization Information

21130 Mt. Rose Hwy
RENO, NV 89511

775 323 5125



Sky Tavern is a learn to ski program and ski area staffed by passionate volunteers focused on getting kids and adults outdoors and active.

EIN 880275590

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