Feel the hunger & realize what millions of people feel today. Feel the rumbling and realize the devastation you are helping repair.

I'm just one person, and so are you.

And the ocean is made of single drops
just like us two.

So if I build and so do you
together things are repaired.
If I love and so do you,
together hurt is eased with care.

If I give and so do you, together we make a
difference - so please give what you can
and be a player, not a witness

when we connect we elicit the balm of the ocean
we disolve the walls to live the lives for which we're chosen
we heal eachother as soon as we grab onto the notion
and to keep it going, we bring ourselves back together
again, and again, and again - united with devotion.

If you agree with this sentiment, please repost
a link to this page on facebook, and post on a
few of your friends walls that are likely to give. *

Do your best to do your best. It's remarkable what
you can endure. Give it a shot, and give. But at
the very least, share. This helps too.

For those that care, this is your campaign. Grab on
and pull it as far as you can make the time for. This
campaign is designed to spread, so the good work you do
will be multiplied. Always remember, by connecting to and
enlisting others, you expand the good that you can do.

*Hint- You can check to see which of your friends have
posted about Japan. Use the search bar and type
"Japan", click "see more results for japan", then
scroll to the bottom and see which of your friends have
posted about the quake...u will probably have to hit
see more results one more time to get the full list

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