Help the Sivananda Yoga Ranch to become energy independent by installing solar panels to cover 100% of its energy needs.

The Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch is embarking into a new phase of its history to become energy independent.

For almost four decades, the Yoga Ranch has practiced the yoga principle of social responsibility and integrated ecological sustainability into its operations, growing organic food, managing waste and educating guests and students to compassionate care of the Earth.

As it is about to celebrate its 40th anniversary, the Yoga Ranch is moving this vision forward by developing a groundbreaking solar power project: 463 panel solar array installed on the Ranch premises that would provide 100% of its energy needs all year long.

The initiative will help reduce global warming, air pollution, natural disasters and ultimately preserve our planet. It would also inspire many other individuals and communities to follow the same path.

This vision is being realized through the support of people like you sharing whatever amount you can spare and helping us spread the word to those in your community whom you believe would want to contribute to such a world-changing endeavor.

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