"Inspiring B'not Yisrael to a bright future," through a strong Judaic & General curricula teaching love of Torah, Mitzvot, Israel, & Ivrit.

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PURIM is the time for giving Matanot L’evyonim & Mishloach Manot. NOW is the time to give to Shulamith of Brooklyn before Purim because every $18 donation will be MATCHED by the AVICHAI Foundation*!

Your tax-deductible contribution will help Shulamith expand our activities and broaden the experiences of our Bnot Yisrael.

Your donation will support Shulamith’s teams & extracurricular programs like Torah Bowl, Basketball, Volleyball, Mock Trial, and the science and art offerings after school.

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*The AVICHAI Foundation will match donations up to $10,000!


Shulamith School of Brooklyn inspires girls to a total commitment to Torah, Mitzvot and careful observance of Halacha. We cultivate a love for Ivrit and Medinat Yisrael. Excellence in General Studies is essential to our program. We foster deep commitment to midot tovot by providing outstanding role models.


Joyful, happy environment — ש—שמחה

Loving Kindness — ו—וחסד

Excellence in General & Judaic Studies — ל—למוד

Exceptional,positive character — מ—מדות טובות

Israel & Hebrew — י—ישראל

Torah study and mitzvot ת—תורה

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