Sending running shoes from the Speed River Track team and the Guelph, Ontario community to Haiti to be given to the Leogane locals.

My name is Chantelle Groenewoud and I am a post-collegiate runner for Speed River Track Club. We are very fortunate to be given running shoes to help us train to the best of our abilities. Since we run many kilometers in short periods of time the shoes break down fairly quickly and are tossed aside, they are still very good but to avoid injury we switch to a new pair as a precaution. I thought to myself that it seemed like a waste and wanted to find a better way to get the full use out of these shoes. Simultaneously my boyfriend Jacques Achille is heading down to Haiti to build houses with the Fuller Center for Housing Inc. I unfortunately am unable to attend due to my training and racing schedule. I figured what better way to help out for this trip than to send down with his group these running shoes for the locals there in the town. The community I live in is great and not only did my team want to help out but also the surrounding runners. I have collected over 70 pairs of shoes so far and that is only in a couple weeks. I will be collecting much more in the next little while. The money that is donated will go to getting the Fuller Center to send the shoes down to the community. Any additional funds raised that doesnt go towards the shipment of shoes will go directly to the Fuller Center for Housings Haitian project.

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