To make disciples of all nations.

When I was in Iraq 2007 as a Marine Jesus became very real to me and during the middle of that deployment I was saved and baptized. After Jesus flooded my heart I was determined to give my whole life completely to God and do whatever it takes to learn more about His crazy amazing love and tell whoever I can about Him. I believe with all my heart that there is hope for all men no matter how wicked. That God loves them just as much as He loves anybody who believes in Him. He is willing and wants to wash away all their mistakes, all their pain, and show them that He is an amazing loving Father. I heard someone once say “you can’t blame the darkness for being dark but you can blame the light for not shining there.” My mission is to be a light to the lost in the darkest places. This is why I’m going to dedicate my life to going to the places where no one wants to go, finding the people who no one wants to talk to, and showing them the same love that Jesus showed me.

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    Summit Church is a full Gospel, Charismatic, contemporary, Spirit filled Christian Church.
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