We are raising funds for Lower Lights Christian Health Center (LLCHC) to offset the cost of providing healthcare to the uninsured.

I'm helping Lower Lights Christian Health Center raise money to offset their unreimbursed expenses for providing healthcare to uninsured patients. LLCHC's mission is to minister the love of Christ through providing healthcare to central Ohio residents regardless of the ability to pay. LLCHC has a Prescription Assistance Program that provides free medication to the uninsured through various Drug Manufacturers. I am a Patient Advocate Volunteer and assist with LLCHC's Prescription Assistance Program.

This is near and dear to my heart because I have several chronic illnesses which have left me unable to work thus I'm on Social Security Disablilty. I understand how important it is to obtain and continue taking necessary prescriptions for illnesses as well as the importance of being under the watchful care of compassionate and competent physicians.

God Bless Lower Lights Christian Health Center for all they do. They are shining examples of who Jesus speaks of when he said in Matthew 25:36......"I was sick and you took care of me"

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