Support me in going to Thailand to help missionaries and their families!

In February of 2013 I will be going on a missions trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand with 12 other members of my church. There, we will be serving missionary families from Thailand, Mongolia, China, India, and Vietnam by educating their children in the gospel, while their parents are learning and connecting with other missionary families in a weeklong conference. I am beyond excited and so thankful for such an opportunity. Please consider donating and remember to keep us all in your prayers!

Update 12/10/2012:

I praise God and thank Him for the generous donations that have been given so far and have helped me reach my goal of 2300! Additional funds are a great and wonderful blessing. I will likely have additional travel expenses, so additional funds will be used well. So once again please consider donating and continue to keep us all in your prayers.

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