Grace Children's Hospital

This is our 2nd annual Race for Grace in the Hotter than Hell 100 located in Wichita Falls. We do this to raise money for a good cause. The children at Grace need your help and with your support, my husband and I will do our best to ensure your donation will be used for these children in need.

Shane and I need to raise a minimum of $500 to join the Race for Grace Team this year. We would appreciate any help you can give us in this charitable cause.

As little as $25 can get the children in Haiti an eye exam, and rehabilitation for amputees or those with physical or mental disabilities.

$30 will vaccinate and provide basic health care for a child for a WHOLE YEAR!

$60 can help train, equip and support two Traditional Birth Attendants (midwives) to assist in healthy births for an entire year.

$100 will pay for multiple anti-retroviral treatments for an HIV positive child and provide hygiene education, sanitation facilities, or a clean water source in a community.

Of course any amount you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time and help!!

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