Fund an innovative approach that turns farmland into temporary habitat for millions of migrating birds.

No Vacancy

With more than 90 percent of wetlands in the Central Valley turned to farms, millions of birds are running out of places to land during their annual migration.

The Nature Conservancy has an innovative way for farmers and birds to find common ground—literally! By combining crowd-source technology, satellite maps and economic incentives for farmers, The Nature Conservancy is turning farmland into temporary “Pop-up Habitat” for birds.

Pop-up Habitat

Today, only five percent of California's wetlands remain and migratory bird populations have dwindled to a fraction of their former size. To address this significant loss of habitat, The Nature Conservancy is working with farmers to create temporary spots for birds to rest, roost and feed during their annual migration along the Pacific Flyway, stretching from Alaska to Patagonia. We call these spots Pop-up Habitat.

Precision Conservation

How do we create Pop-up Habitat? First we pinpoint where and when birds will need to land using data from millions of “e-birders,” next we find out if there will be available water using predictive satellite maps, and then we pay farmers a competitive price to flood their fields at the exact time when the birds need it most.

Innovation at Scale

Our goal is to create a million acres of habitat in the Central Valley. This powerful and creative approach to conservation delivers results, ensures nature and people thrive together and protects one of nature’s great shows for generations to come.

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