I’m going to be running the 117th Boston Marathon and raising money for the kids at the Boys & Girls Club!

This Patriots Day, instead of sitting on my butt and drinking at 10am like every other year, I am going to be scaling Heart Break Hill and running the 26.2mi from Hopkinton to the Back Bay.

About eight months ago, after being unable to run a sub 12 minute mile, I joined my area CrossFit box to whip myself into shape. What used to feel like a chore at BSC, quickly became the highlight of my day. The CF community, and ever changing workouts made dripping with sweat and waking up sore every morning extremely rewarding.

I was thrilled with the results, and since then have pushed my physical limits to do things I never thought possible. This lead to me skipping the shorter road races a sane runner would tackle, and signing up for the BAA Half Marathon in October. I spent all summer training in the sun, and finished well below my goal time. I figured the next logical hurdle would be the world famous Boston Marathon.

I would never commit to the amount of time and energy it takes to train to run 26.2 miles or ask anyone to donate if it weren't extremely important to me. As many of you know, I’ve always been passionate about giving back to charities that benefit at risk children. I can’t think of a more worthy organization than the Boys & Girls Club. Every day, places like these allow kids to think bigger, grow stronger, and reach their full potential.

Please give whatever you can. Every dollar will go a long way towards helping provide quality educational and athletic programs for some great kids. Not to mention provide them with positive roll models, and keep them out of trouble.

The more you give, the less likely I am to bombard your inbox and facebook wall with my donation link. Sorry in advance, but raising funds for these kids is just as important to me as training and finishing with a respectable time.

Thanks for visiting and thank you VERY much for your support!

-Sean O'Connell

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