Raising funds for KADS (Korean Adult adoptees) to attend ASIA's family events and programs for adoptees.

Dear Friends,

As you know, my precious children, Danny and Betsy, were adopted from Korea when they were infants. As they have grown older, they have depended on the ASIA community to help them sort through some of their issues related to adoption. The adult Korean adoptees who volunteer with ASIA have been an incredible resource for my children. These young men and women are completely generous with their time. I am committed to raising funds for them to attend ASIA's culture school, camp and other adoption events. This money will help ASIA with the cost for the volunteers to attend Camp Rice and other ASIA programs free of charge. Any amount will be a tremendous help. On behalf of Danny and Betsy, I thank you for your consideration.

xoxo Cara

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    ASIA was founded to meet the needs for post adoption services for international adoptees and their adoptive families.
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