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At-risk Scarlet Macaws fighting human pressures

In Costa Rica, the ARA Project has worked for many years to save the Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao) and another endangered parrot, the Great Green Macaw (Ara ambiguus), at their breeding centre in Rio Segundo de Alajuela. The Project’s sole purpose is to breed macaws for eventual release into the wild. The World Parrot Trust is collaborating with ARA Project to help the Scarlet Macaw return to the wilds of Costa Rica. With the sponsorship provided by HUGO BOSS – BOSS Orange, efforts for 2011 will focus on the construction of exercise flights and support for a group of birds to be released at Tiskita Biological Reserve, Osa Conservation Area.

To return Scarlet Macaws to their ancestral home in Honduras, the World Parrot Trust, Macaw Mountain Bird Park and Nature Reserve, the Honduran Institute of Anthropology and History (IHAH), and the Copan Association have launched a multi year effort to return the birds to the Parque Arqueologico Ruinas De Copan, a national park and Mayan Heritage Site. At this UNESCO location, they will build a rehabilitation and release facility, funded by HUGO BOSS – BOSS Orange, which will prepare a group of macaws to return back to the wild.

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