We want to send students off to Summer Camp 2012 where they will experience God and expect change.

2012 has been dubbed the year of INFLUENCE. We've challenged students to be the influence in their homes, schools and even their cities. Many are rising to the challenge and are ready to be equipped to become the leaders of NOW.

Summer Camp 2012 will focus on training up leaders for the Kingdom of God that will in turn influence their surroundings for greater impact. We believe that it is our responsibility to raise them up, which is why we are seeking funds to get them to this camp where destinies will be altared for good.

Many of the students we reach (approx. 40%) come from homes near, at or below the poverty line. We know God didn't just call the rich or the middle class to be leaders, but there are qualified and called among these 40% we reach who are ready to rise up and sieze God's plan for their lives.

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