BEST Men Inc.'s "Building Our Sons" project is designed to continue the work of saving the lives of young men locally and nationally.

Since 2007 we have been involved in character and leadership development of young men through our B.E.S.T. Men, Inc. organization. B.E.S.T. Men, which stands for Building Empowered, Successful, and Tenacious Men, was started to counter the negative forces that are competing for control of our young men's minds. We recognize that many of our young men are buying into a self-destructive identity--one that maneuvers them into adopting habits, values, and lifestyles that lead to school failure, incarceration, and other unfavorable life outcomes. We realize that many of these young men lack positive male role models in their lives; hence, they have no positive place to turn to learn the fundamental principles of manhood. B.E.S.T. Men, Inc. was designed to fill this void.

B.E.S.T. Men, Inc. is dedicated to assisting young men in developing the knowledge, skills, mindset, and lifestyle necessary to be significant assets to their families, communities, and schools. Since its inception 5 years ago, this organization has already touched the lives of hundreds of young men, through its manhood training program, youth symposiums, field trips, service projects, and other initiatives. We are extremely excited to now be positioned to do much, much more, but we need your help.

Our "Building Our Sons" project is our effort to raise funds to be used for the growth and expansion of the organization. It is our hope to establish 25 more chapters of the organization in schools, community centers, and faith-based institutions in communities across the country by the end of 2013. Your donation will bring us closer to our goal of $12,000.

We would like to thank you for considering this opportunity to partner with our organization for raising funds. If you have any queries regarding our organization, our fund management policy, or the organization itself, please feel free to contact us at B.E.S.T. Men, Inc. is a non-profit (501c3) organization under the auspices of True Resolutions, Inc. and your donation is tax deductible.

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