The Somaly Mam Foundation is a non profit charity that helps women and children victimized by slavery and sex-trafficking.

In 2007, sex slave survivor, Somaly Mam along with 2 American men co-founded a non profit charity to help victims of sex trafficking and slavery. This foundation works to eliminate sex slavery, support partner organizations, empower survivors, and make a bright future availible for them. SMF focuses mainly on trafficking activity in Southeast Asia, where it is a widespread and common practice.

As of now, there is an estimated 27 million young women and children that are suffering in the twisted and harsh world of sex slavery. Donating your time, effort and funds can help change these statistics. Children should never have to suffer. Making any contributions can help save a victim's life and innocence.

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    SMF is dedicated to eradicating trafficking and sexual exploitation in Southeast Asia and empowering survivors as part of the solution
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