Your gift will support the fight to save these 3 species at risk of extinction!

Endangered Species on the Brink
Three parrot species are at risk of disappearing forever. WPT wants to stop this, but we need your help.

Listen to an interview with Jamie Gilardi, Executive Director of the WPT, speaking about the work being done to save the WPT 3 »

We need you to join the fight to save the Blue-throated Macaw, the Great Green Macaw and the Yellow-crested Cockatoo. Through your support this year, you will play an important part in recovery programs already underway:

Blue-throated Macaws cling to survival in Bolivia, with fewer than 150 left. WPT has worked for over 10 years to understand the limitations affecting the species, and aid their recovery. With that knowledge in hand, we are now shifting the focus of our program to the release of birds born in captivity, the first time this has been attempted with the species.

Yellow-crested Cockatoos are critically endangered in Indonesia, with fewer than a thousand remaining. The WPT has begun field studies with in-country researchers working to understand the issues that have reduced wild populations to their current low level. In the coming 12-months we will build on conservation strategies to save the species.

Great Green Macaws struggle in Central America with less than 25 breeding pairs in Costa Rica, and only 30-40 birds remaining of a subspecies in Ecuador. WPT has partnered with two organizations in Ecuador, and another in Costa Rica, working to bolster wild populations by releasing captive reared birds to the wild, and restoring habitat.

You can help these three species in the upcoming year...

All three species need immediate help. The World Parrot Trust has a plan, a campaign that's as easy as 1-2-3.

Save the WPT3 is simple:
Give 1 donation to save 3 species! What you give will have a maximum effect on the lives of these parrots. Just one gift of $25, $50 or $100 will help us to fight on for the Blue-throated Macaws, the Great Green Macaws and Yellow-crested Cockatoos.

Will you make a gift, and save these parrots, today?

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