Mocha, a goat bred for dairy production and neglected on an urban farm in Oakland, is faced with the biggest crisis of her life right now.

On the brink of death, Mocha the Goat was rushed to the UC Davis Large Animal Hospital for emergency care during the middle of the night a few days ago. Frail and depressed, this seven-year-old goat was diagnosed with acute mastitis. The aggressive condition subsequently developed in to a systemic infection.

Day by day, Mocha has fought to stay alive at the intensive care unit of UC Davis. This week, she is stable enough to have a lifesaving mastectomy. Without immediate surgical intervention, it's very unlikely Mocha will survive.

The bill for Mocha's vital care has skyrocketed to $2,500, including around-the-clock supervised hospital care, IV antibotic treatments and the essential mastectomy procedure.

Join Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary in the fight to save the life of a brave, sweet soul this week. Make a donation to Mocha today!

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    Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary helps homeless and abused domestic and farmed animals in northern California.
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