I am trying to help support a bed at Partners in Hope the wonderful health center and hospital I work at in Lilongwe Malawi.

When you make $1 a day as a subsistence farmer, the thought of spending $10 to be cared for in a hospital for just one day is beyond comprehension. This is especially true when you are so ill that it seems like nothing will help, when you have gone from health center to health center and from hospital to hospital without any proper work up or treatment. All the while you continue to worsen and it seems hopeless.

This desperation is even worse when it is a child, a spouse or another loved one who is the patient and who is suffering.

Partners in Hope is probably the best medical center in the Malawin capital city of Lilongwe. It is largely supported by

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    AMHF exists to support the effective and compassionate medical efforts of mission and church organizations across the continent.
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