Non-Violent Communication based trainings for youth activists from North-Eastern Sri Lanka

Youth activists from war affected regions in Sri Lanka who want to help other youths and community members in their local villages? Awesome.

A Jaffna-based organization who seeks to educate the district's school children about peace and effective communication? Super awesome.

Trainers coming together from all over the world to offer 50 local youths 10 days of learning, laughter, and connection? Sigh...super duper awesome!

Sri Lanka is a country whose history has been fraught with over 30 years of violence and ethnic conflict. Please help support the Sandhi Institute whose mission is to facilitate healing by providing communication and conflict mediation training, based on the principles of Non-Violent Communication.

Our actual budget to conduct the 3 trainings discussed in the video is $22,000. We are initiating our fundraiser by starting off with $4,000, which will cover the costs of our first one -- a 4-day youth-requested training.

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