Please donate to support our project in Candelaria, Honduras!

We are helping the community to manage landfill waste, by building landfill cells, and manage potential leachate that could contaminate their water source. We also do recycling projects to minimize the waste thrown away at the landfill.

This past trip I was involved in one project that I felt the community needed the most help, which is disposal of medical wastes especially sharps. The community told us that landfill workers frequently find open bags of sharps laying around the site. One worker even got pricked with one. During the last trip, we brought along some electrical needle destroyers for the medical center to destroy certain needles, which is a step forward, but the issue has not been resolved. A lot more work needs to be put into figuring out how to destroy all needle types, as well as how to treat other medical waste.

Please donate something, any amount, to support our work in treating medical waste, as well as our other projects. Thank you for your time!

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