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This tiny Minnesotan is Armando. He is watching an artist from the American Association of Woodturners make him a brand new wooden top at Sample Night Live. Armando just finished exploring his goody bag. You can tell because he is holding his new ball in his right hand. Sample Night Live believes moments like this are important. The arts are magical. Children remind us that it is important to keep exploring the magic. Sample Night Live believes this, too. The first Wednesday of every month, Sample Night Live features a dozen ten-minute samples of high-quality Twin Cities arts events, with a visual arts installation in the lobby at History Theatre in Saint Paul. Attracting Generation X and Millennium audiences, the company offers a diverse feast of G-Rated entertainment in Act I and uncensored art in Act II. Sample Night Live provides a venue for exceptional artists to show off their material, a place for quality companies to market themselves to a young, new audiences, and an inexpensive way for everyone to get a taste of what is going on in the Twin Cities. Audiences use the playbill to opt-in to the mailing list of the groups they love and have the opportunity to mingle with the artists during the after party. Sample Night Live has provided more than 6,000 email addresses of new fans to over 400 arts organizations, and was named in the prestigious Minnesota Monthly's "Best of..." issue.

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