We build community through music, and now we need the community to keep our music alive. Don't let the Sacramento Philharmonic go silent!

Music speaks to the soul. Through the Sacramento Philharmonic music education initiatives, community programs, and professional orchestral performances are made possible. We provide our region with artistic excellence. We share creative expression with thousands of schoolchildren, struggling families, and many, many more. Sacramento needs its arts groups - it needs the Sacramento Philharmonic

The orchestra now needs to raise $150,000 to end this season and another $150,000 in pledged support to be able to present a 2012-2013 concert season. Our deadline is June 30th. Over $70,000 has already come in - and now we need your help! Let's keep Sacramento an enriching and dynamic representative of this great state. We know you don't want a silent Sacramento - so please help keep the music going.

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