Raising Funds to Build a New School Building for the Orphans of Calo Me Lare in Lira, Uganda

This fundraiser was created by Paul Rejda and Jono Becker to track the progress of a little adventure that we have been kicking around for the past year. The main goal is to raise funds to build a school for the Calo Me Lare orphanage in Lira, Uganda. As philanthropic as this may sound, the original goal was just to run from Tulsa to Oklahoma City on Route 66 “for the fun of it". But as discussions got more detailed it became evident that this would be a great way to raise money for Project Hope Worldwide which both of our families have been supporting for a couple of years now. And from there it took off at a dead "sprint". Jono wanted to set a huge goal. When he mentioned wanting to raise around $50,000 Paul was a little shocked but immediately jumped at the challenge.
In order to accomplish their monetary objective we have recruited Jono's Mom and Dad, Connie and Lynn, to help with some of the fundraising logistics. We are also recruiting a team of runners of all skill levels to help promote the fundraiser.
The main fundraising push will kick off at Tulsa's Route 66 Marathon which we plan to use both as a training run and a good place to spread the word to other like-minded Runners. From there, the plan is to log our weekly miles and the miles of the recruited runners with a goal of reaching 8225 miles (the distance from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Lira, Uganda) before we run the 125 miles from Tulsa to Oklahoma City on Route 66. With God’s help, as well as the assistance of our wonderful team of volunteers, the goal of $50,000 will be raised by the end of 2013 (assuming Earth still exists after Dec. 21, 2012 - haha) and the Calo Me Lare Orphanage will be able to build another school building to educate it’s growing number of parent-less children. Please visit ProjectHopeWorldwide.org to see all the great things being done and think about what you can do to help the Run To Uganda meet it’s goal.

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