The Rothman 8K is Hand2Paw's first event to raise funds and promote awareness of their cause. I appreciate your support!

The Hand2Paw Foundation is a nonprofit organization in Philadelphia that connects homeless youth with shelter animals. Many of the youth who participate in the Hand2Paw program have aged out of the foster care system without finding a permanent home and find themselves alone and without support as young adults. In order to fill some of the gaps in their job and life readiness, the program has three parts. First, the youth participate in volunteer sessions and learn the basics of animal care (including bathing, cleaning cages, training dogs, and feeding cats and kittens). Then, those that are especially interested and dedicated are offered paid internships at the shelter or a rescue organization. If they successfully complete their internship and demonstrate responsibility, Hand2Paw connects them with employers who have available positions working with animals or in related businesses.

The training provided at volunteer sessions along with the internships funded by donations help give these homeless youth an opportunity for independence and the animals a better chance at finding happy homes.

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    Hand2Paw enables homeless teens to volunteer at animal shelters and,provides them with internships that often lead to jobs in animal care.
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