In memory of Stuart J Searles and all fallen officers, I proudly participate in COPS WALK SOUTHWEST 2012 to support my fellow survivors.

Raising money for COPS to help rebuild the shattered lives of my fellow survivors is but a small way for me to give back to an organization that helped me and my family rebuild our lives.

In June 1984 I lost my husband, Sgt. Stuart J. Searles, in a helicopter accident. Piloting the Sauk County Sheriff's Dept. helicopter, he was enroute to pick up the Sheriff and continue on to assist and rescue victims of the tornado ravished town of Barneveld WI. Mechanical failure ensued and a precious life was taken.

My life and those of our children, Jim and Connie, were shattered. COPS was a vital part of helping me rebuild my life those first few years. Over the years COPS has been there to support my family through the many, many challenges.

As police officers are a 'brotherhood,' so are COPS members. Our survivors really can and do understand each other.

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