Windcall helps community and labor organizers be resilient, practice transformative leadership, & improve the vitality of social movements.

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I'm asking you and 149 more to donate $10 or more to Windcall - once you finish reading this. Donors are matching every dollar given by Saturday, December 8th, up to $13,000. I like to have my 100 donors send their donation Now! Below is why, I am asking for your help.

I have been organizing for years and I reached a moment when stepping back from the work was the VERY best thing I could do for the work and myself. That was where I was in 2011, when I was awarded a Windcall Residency. It was an amazing and transformative experience for me and I think every organizer should have the Windcall opportunity.

I did my Windcall Residency at the Blue Mountain Center at Blue Mountain Lake, NY, and at that time I was in middle of coordinating a Racial Healing and Equity Project at the Highlander Center. With the Highlander Center's support, I stepped away from the work for 30 days to do nothing. With 2 other Windcall Residents and 12 other Artists from across the nation, we learned from and with each other as we built a sense of community.

I am more convinced that communities of goodwill can be realized. By wrestling with myself to still myself a rejuvenated spirit of hope emerged fueled by:

1. Realizing that the whole picture is more important than its fragmented parts;

2. knowing that to stay vigilant, patient, courageous and resilient as an organizer long past my Residency takes effort to flow with the opportunities and challenges on this path;

3. Coming to see social change movements as shared visions and resiliency catalyzing the social context.

Windcall is here for organizers of color, organizers working in low-income communities, as well as, organizers working for social change movements all over the country. These organizers help build the teams we need to be strong and effective to - power change.

Windcall has plans to grow by:

Build out the current program to be a full six-month Residency and Coaching Program, with tools to support organizers moving ahead in new ways after the transformative experience of their Residencies.

Develop programs to inspire resiliency and transformative leadership practices throughout movements.

Check out Windcall at and give today and help us reach our match by December 8th. Thank you for supporting this worthy cause.

Your Friend,

ron davis

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