Help support this fundraising effort for a great cause supporting St. Luke's Foundation. You can donate here or join us at the party!

This December, in over 25 cities throughout the United States, good people like you will be gathering to share stories and Christmas cheer — and to support the lifesaving work being done at St. Luke’s Hospital in Haiti.

Time: 7-9:30 pm

Date: Saturday, December 14, 2013

Location The Rochester Athletic Club

A Message From Your Host : As part of previous Mayo and Rochester teams to St. Luke's and Haiti I have learned the importance of how we can help others. All of us who have had the opportunity to spend time at St. Luke's and with Father Rick have become so aware of the needs of the Haitians. In fact, after returning, my life changed, I redefined what a "need" is versus a "want". The money raised for St. Luke's brings things like clean water to those in Haiti- a need I have taken for granted my whole life. YOU can help. We all can make a difference.

What's special about St. Luke's?

Through the great generosity of donors and friends, the staff at St. Luke’s Hospital has saved thousands of lives. St. Luke’s provides access to a wide range of care for Haiti’s lowest-income families who otherwise would have nowhere to turn.

Most of the hospitals crumbled in the 2010 earthquake, and frequently international NGOs bring in staff and volunteers who actually take job opportunities from residents. Haiti is in need of both healthcare and economic development options.

These Christmas parties will raise critical funds for the hospital — and provide a way for you to stand together with the Haitian leadership and staff of St. Luke's as we all fight together to reach every patient in need.

Give the gift of health and happiness to the families of Port-au-Prince, who continue to struggle in the aftermath of disasters. Attend our party or make a donation now in support of our efforts.

For more information on the Rochester party, contact Mary Wehde or 507 261 0872.

For more information on the foundation and its programs, visit the St. Luke Foundation for Haiti website:

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    We are a Haitian-run organization, providing education, medical care and dignified humanitarian outreach.
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