ACCESS provides Boston students and families free financial aid resources and advocacy to help students find an affordable path to college.

"I will prepare and someday my opportunity will come"—Abraham Lincoln

I am running on behalf of ACCESS Boston which provides support to Boston students and families to overcome the financial barriers to higher education. As many of you know, college funding and preparation is not a simple task. The process is complicated and the cost can be overwhelming. By supporting ACCESS, students and families in Boston will receive the necessary support to navigate the complex financial aid process and to help them secure funding and scholarships so students can attend a post-secondary school of their dreams. Your help will ensure that a student's academic achievement and chances for secondary education are not diminished by income limitations.

This will be my first marathon and my goal is to raise $4,000. I will be training with TEAM ACCESS for the next 5 months and any support that you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Hope to see you on Marathon Monday!

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