Your donation will help support childhood cancer research. It will give so many families with children with cancer much needed hope.

T-SHIRTS AVAILABLE! Represent Team Robby at any event! If you would like to order a Rally! for Robby t-shirt, please donate $20 here and post a comment with the size you'd like.

Why I'm running--Robby has benefitted so much from recent research in pediatric cancer treatment, and there are great new treatments just on the horizon. Researchers are developing less toxic treatments that won't leave the long-term side effects Robby faces. They are making breakthroughs that will hopefully save kids who aren't responding to current treatments. Funding really matters, and Rally! dollars go directly to these research efforts.

After watching Robby's determination to get better, I'm committed to improving my own health and making sure I can keep up with him as he gets stronger and stronger. My goal is to complete a half marathon in our beautiful hilly city on May 6. We are both grateful for your support!

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