Your donation is appreciated to support my cook team at the 7th Annual Cook-Off to support the Post 21 Club!

Please support our cook group at the 7th Annual Cook-Off to benefit the Post 21 Club!

Much like a walk-a-thon, we're raising charitable pledges from our friends and co-workers. But unlike a walk-a-thon, we'll be taking bites, not steps.

My team will be cooking: Nothing! We'll be too busy eating.

Pledges of any size are appreciated.

The Post 21 Club is a group of parents and other concerned community members who provide support to adults with autism who have aged out of New Jersey’s social service system for children by:

--offering advice and guidance to their families

--advocating for critical programs and services

--collaborating with other nonprofits and agencies that specialize in working with people with autism

--granting funds at our discretion to help existing programs survive and thrive and to stimulate the creation of new programs to fill the unmet needs of this population

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    The Post 21 Club provides advocacy for and support to adults with autism who have aged out of New Jersey's social service system.
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