A seven-day challenge to get 300 donors and unlock $50,000 for RMU’s students (ends at midnight, April 30)

What if you could unlock thousands of dollars for some worthwhile students simply by giving a $10 gift?

The RMU 300 Donor Challenge is a special opportunity where you can help Robert Morris University unlock $50,000 for our students.

Here’s how it works:

  • Between April 24 and April 30, RMU will be asking for gifts to the Student Emergency Fund, which was created in 2008 to help deserving RMU students in time of need.
  • If we reach the 300-gift level (min. amount $10) by midnight, April 30, it can unlock $50,000 which can be used to increase scholarships and financial aid, send students abroad and to conventions, improve technology throughout campus, and support students in countless other ways.

Over the years the Student Emergency Fund has been used to do so much good, from helping students purchase textbooks or expensive art supplies, to helping to pay for travel expenses so a student can visit a sick loved one, to helping to pay for car repairs or a suit for an interview.

Your gift also helps us in other ways. When you give before the end of RMU's fiscal year (May 31) you:

  • Help increase RMU's alumni participation, which...
  • U.S. News & World Report considers in their annual college rankings, which...
  • Improves RMU's overall ranking among our competitors, which...
  • Attracts better students and encourages corporations, foundations, organizations, and the community to give as well, which...
  • Strengthens our brand and improves the
    reputation of our degrees for all alums!

Any gift to RMU has the power and potential to touch many lives now and in the future. It's not how much you give, it's that you give. Thank you for your support of Robert Morris University.

Please help reach our goal of 300 donors by midnight, April 30, and change the life of a student today.

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