I'm running my first marathon to help raise money for Caleb's Crusade, an organization that's fighting childhood cancer. Help if you can!

Before last year, I had never run in any race, let alone a marathon. But I was inspired to start when my wife, Haley, told me the story of a young boy named Caleb. I've never asked anyone to donate money for a cause before, but hearing his story convinced me that running this marathon to raise money to help families cope with childhood cancer was something I had to do.

Caleb was just three years old when it was discovered he had leukemia. His family did everything they could to help him, and Caleb was able to receive a bone marrow transplant. But unfortunately, he had a relapse, and died just after his fourth birthday. You can read more of his story here: http://calebscrusade.com/about-caleb/

But while Caleb is no longer with us, he lives on to give hope to others who are fighting cancer. Caleb's family and countless others who love him set up Caleb's Crusade to help those children and their families.

Here is a statement of Caleb's Crusade's mission: "We provide funds for childhood cancer research and to help children and families affected with childhood cancers cope with their everyday expenses incurred during treatment and relocation." There is more info at calebscrusade.com

Please help me raise money for this fantastic organization. I will run this year's Disney marathon in honor of Caleb and all those who who have fought the cancer battle, and all those who are still fighting it. Any donation will help. Thanks so much!

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